This is Hope Evangelical Free Church, KL

Welcome to Hope EFC! Hope EFC is a congregation that comprises people who have put their faith and trust in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. That doesn’t make us perfect. But it does mean that God has forgiven our sins, and has given us a brand new start! This relationship with God has blessed us with joy and eternal hope.

Above all, He has given us His Holy Spirit to live within and among us, empowering us to love God and serve others. It’s a wonderful adventure that has only just begun. So we’re filled with gratitude to have experienced His love and mercy. This is why we meet together to worship Him.

The Bible describes the community of believers as Jesus’ body. It’s a wonderful way to look at the way we’re linked together spiritually and organically in purpose and fellowship. It is our prayer that Jesus who is our Hope will help us be that community that follows after Him, and lives out His good news of salvation.

“What a God we have! And how fortunate we are to have him, this Father of our Master Jesus! Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we’ve been given a brand-new life and have everything to live for, including a future in heaven–and the future starts now!” 1 Peter 1:3,4 (The Message)

Thanks for visiting. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, come join us as we worship our Lord and bear witness to His goodness.

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We are a people of faith committed to loving God wholeheartedly and loving our neighbours as ourselves, to the glory of Christ and His Kingdom. It is our response to His grace and an expression of our faith. Together, we seek to proclaim the gospel, disciple the body, and serve our community.

It is our vision to dedicate ourselves towards making disciples of God’s people in Hope EFC. A disciple is a person who has a vital relationship with Jesus our Lord and Saviour, committed in life and intent to the redemptive purposes of God, while growing increasingly in Christlikeness.

A ‘disciple’
has a vital
with Jesus

Because a disciple is essentially a dedicated follower of Jesus, he or she is empowered by the Holy Spirit to be an effective witness to the Gospel, serve the community, and reproduce like-minded followers of Jesus. It is through this that new disciples are added to God’s Kingdom.

In order to fulfil our vision, we shall actively pursue the following:

We shall proclaim the gospel by,

Staying obedient to the Word of God and its demands upon our life and community, and be faithful witnesses to Jesus through evangelism and missions.

We shall disciple the body by,

Placing emphasis on preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God’s word, and through intentional example and influence, promote spiritual maturity.

We shall serve the community by,

Living out our faith in practical ministry and service to one another and to those outside the church, and through a personal lifestyle of righteousness and justice.


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